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Washed/ Wet Coffee processing

The harvested red ripened cherries are harvested and picked from trees with a high production and without any disease or other affliction. The delivered cherries are inserted to wet processing machine in the same day. Before pulping under ripe and over ripe cherries are picked out from the good cherries. After pulping, the parchment coffee is fermented for 72 hours so that the mucilage can removed easily. After fermentation, the parchment is washed to isolate the floater coffee and after get rid of floater the final washing is done and the heavy parchment is taken to the drying table.

The table, which is made up of chicken wire, is covered by Hessian cloth, and the parchment coffees are spread thinly. After slow drying for 2 weeks, the dried coffee is weighted and traceability is assured through clear recoding of incoming coffee and the steps in processing and storage. Fully washed coffee is classified by grade for absolute best but normal export quality sells as grade 2 which allows 12 defects with a clean cup.