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Ripe Coffee Beans on a Bed for Sun-Drying

Sun-dried Coffee beans on the bed

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Sun-dried Coffee beans on the bed

Coffee Sun-Drying Beds


Natural/ Sun-dried Coffee processing

Dry process is also known as unwashed or natural method and it is the most common method of processing coffee. The dried coffee is weighted and recorded before hulling. The picked red cherries are directly taken into the table and dried for not more than 3 weeks. The dried red cherries are stocked in the separated, clean, cool and well-ventilated ware house using new and clear bags. After some certain weeks, the husk is removed by hulling at a small factory in the region.

The hulled green bean also is stocked at a separated clear area by using new bags until deliver to ECX warehouse center. Before the green beans transported to the ECX warehouse, the damaged beans are picked manually by hand and finally the cleaned beans are packed, traced and transported to the nearby ware house of ECX. After arrival at ECX ware house, it also labeled and stocked separately according to the Grade and type of coffee until sold in ECX Auction and transported to the central export ware house in Addis Ababa. Sun dried coffee can be of great quality when matured cherries are used all over ripe produce '' wiry'' or ''fruity'' cup test where green cherries give a grassy green flavor. Bunaroma Coffee Export is working with producers to deliver this quality more and more.