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What We do

Specialty and Commercial coffee farming, sourcing, grading, trading and exporting the finest coffees of both washed & natural green beans from the birthplace of Arabica coffee to the global coffee buyers and roasters.


There are four types of coffee production systems in Ethiopia: - forest coffee, semi- forest coffee,...


Ethiopian coffee is rightly known as highland coffee by consumers. The diversified types of Coffee ...


To produce a good quality coffee trainings are given to farmers before the harvest start.
Export and Marketing
After preliminary assessment test result the arrival coffee sample sent to Addis Ababa Export warehouse center in order to standardize and pack should have hulling and polishing by export hulling machine, tasted by export coffee liquoring unit (CLU) at Addis Ababa. If it fits for export standard sent to international market based on contract agreement with the buyer.

Bunaroma Coffee Exporter is considered as one of the young leading exporter of green coffee beans from Ethiopia - the motherland of Arabica beans .

washed coffee


unwashed coffee

coffee processing

To produce a good quality coffee trainings are given to farmers before the harvest start.
The harvested red ripened cherries are harvested and picked from trees with a high production and without any disease or other affliction.
Dry process is also known as unwashed or natural method and it is the most common method of processing coffee.
The product of our organization washed and sun-dried coffee is processed and transport to ECX to be tasted preliminary coffee quality assessment.
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what sets us apart
A deep seeding connection & firm commitments with the potential coffee importers and roasters is already established and ready which is crucial to our success, The purchase decision for our customer is based on trust in our cleaning process, logistic handling and timely shipment, The principal owner of the business is Mr. Abel Ayele, whose combined experience in brings coffee export management, supply chain development, trained coffee cupping, green coffee quality inspection and over 6 years of sales and marketing in the coffee sector for private export company as well as a farmer cooperative union.